Monday, March 20, 2017

Post-Oscar Conversation with Calvin

 Award season has been over for a minute, so I decided to have a quick chat with Calvin Bonds.....excuse me, Dr Calvin Bonds, who happens to be very active during award season

I decided to have this conversation with you, as I know you are actively involved with the activities of award season. Is it safe to say things have slowed down now that The Oscars are over?

Well as far as the entertainment events go, the cycle begins again. Films will begin being submitted to festivals and people will begin to petition voting members of the academy to check out their projects in hopes for an eventual nomination.

For those who don’t know, how exactly are you involved in the activities of the award season?

I am a U.S. Rep for the PR Firm, London Flair PRWe had two films nominated for the Oscars this year: Sing by Kristof Deak, which actually won the Oscar and Timecode by Juanjo Gimenez. I had the pleasure of being with them throughout their journey during certain Oscar festivities.

Describe a typical day in what you do in this regard?

A typical day consists of me preparing for a red carpet event.  First and foremost I have to make sure that I have all of the information and passes for the event. I also will make sure the client is prepared and will arrive at the event on time to do the Step and Repeat (Red Carpet). Once I arrive at the event, I will check in, get the red carpet passes and meet the client on the carpet. We will then proceed on the Step and Repeat. I will announce him or her and the movies or television shows they have been in. I will also secure interviews for them with reporters. After we have finished the red carpet, we would proceed to the event where I will initiate introductions/ conversations between my client and Hollywood producers, directors, actors, executive producers and other prominent people in the room.

That sounds pretty exciting in the grand scheme of things.  Have you ever had an A list client you were really impressed over (not suggesting your other clients are any less impressive)? Can you name drop, or that's pushing it?

*Laughs Out Loud*
Yes, but I think they all are A-listers in their own way in my book. I'm impressed with all of them indeed. It's my job to meet them where they are (which are on different levels) and challenge them to go further in their ability to get their names out there. I have to admit I have a pretty good list of clients.

Fair enough, my friend.....fair enough. So how long have you been doing this?

I have been dong this for a total of close to 10 years now, so since I was 11 years old (Laughs out loud).

Aww, you cute baby. Momma put you to work early, huh? LOL. So how many award shows did you participate in, including the lunches or dinning leading up to it?

Lol…aw man I don’t know. I usually just go to as many as I can during Oscars season. I will say that I have attended enough to continue my gym membership. The food is amazing! lol

I can imagine. That's world class cuisine and fancy eating. Get you eat on, bruh! So  what leads up to The Oscars?

Well there are submissions of films to festivals. There are petitions for films to be voted on by voting members of The Academy. There are a lot of promotion going on as well. It takes a lot for a film to make it to Oscar level.

I saw some pictures that you shared. What can you tell us about those experiences?

I have pictures posted of an Oscar Luncheon with some of the Best Picture and Lead Actor nominees. I also have pictures on the red carpet being  interviewed on the night of the Oscars. I must say this whole experience is nothing short of a blessing and I am humbled and thankful to be a part.

Thank you Calvin for taking the time to do a quick catch up with our readers!

Thank you for doing this awesome interview with me. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Conversation with a DC Police Officer

The below Conversation is with a Washington DC Police Officer. We did this interview anonymously because I didn't want to jeopardize his employment. Somewhere along the line the line, he got cold feet of sorts, and declined answering supplementary questions I had for him. I was going to delete the preliminary interview we had done, but decided I might as well publish it anyhow. So here goes

This should be an interesting conversation between us. Like I told you when I found out you’re a cop, I’m not a big fan of the DC police but I’m ready to keep my mind open.
 How long have you been a patrol officer?
10 years
What was it about being a police officer that you admired?
The way you can help anyone from the youngest to the oldest. Unlike other occupations, being a police officer you have so many different hats to wear (a friend, counselor, protector, a comforter)
As a young man, what were your dreams and passions for life?
As a young man my dream was to make it to see the age of 21. Growing up where I did and in my environment there were a lot of killings, and I lost most of my friends between the ages of 12 to 19 so I just wanted to see my 21st birthday.
How did you get to join the police force?
I was newly married and had a child on the way so I needed a job with benefits, and the MPD was hiring.
Growing up in the environment you did and seeing what you saw, what was your impression of the police? Were they your enemy or your friend, and why?


What was the reaction of your family and friends when you informed them you were joining the police force?
There were mixed emotions. A lot of my family members were excited for me to become a police officer. However a few really hated the idea. My only brother hated it and didn’t talk to me for several years after I became one.
Why do you think they hated the idea? In your opinion, what was the impression your neighborhood had of the police?
How long was the training program, and what did it involve?
Training at the academy took 8 to 9 months and it involved all the DC and Federal Laws, physical training and weapons training.
What do you love most about being a police officer in the Capital city? What brings you pride and accomplishment about it?
I love being a police officer in DC because I can help people that I grew up with and help the city that I was born and raised in.
In your opinion, why do you think there is a disconnect between us the people and the police? I know there are worthy officers of repute and integrity, yet somehow it always seems the #%@% up ones are the ones more people encounter
The reason there is such a disconnect is because some officers and citizens don't want to understand what the other side goes through. A lot of citizens don’t understand the stress and craziness that we have to go through everyday, and all of the problems we have to deal with. Also a lot of officers don’t know what people have to go through everyday living in DC. A lot of officers don’t care about the citizens. They look at being a police officer as a job, but it’s much more than that.
But officers are everyday people, so they KNOW what citizens experience daily. Obviously wearing the uniform mentally alienates an officer, but does the culture in the police force encourage alienation and separation from the citizens (to enable you enforce the law)? And why?
I love the TV show Blue Bloods. Would you say it is an accurate depiction of the brotherhood you officers share?
I like that show as well and parts of it is true. You also have to understand that it is show so it has to add exaggerated excitement to it.
I know you cant speak for officers who give the good ones a bad rep, but lets just assume you can. What do you think makes some officers see us the public as the enemy, rather than the ones they should protect?
Because some officer don’t treat citizens as individuals. A lot feel that if one person does it that all are going to do it and that’s not the case.
Power intoxicates. How would you describe the power and authority you feel when you wear your uniform, and know most people will do anything you tell them? Be honest now
I know you, and you have been nothing but an upright and exemplary man I’m proud and honored to call a friend, which is why I was shocked to find out you’re not just a police officer, but a DC police officer. Obviously my perception is flawed. How would you suggest I begin to repair my flaw, and learn to celebrate you guys like you deserve?
Understand that the officers that you had a bad encounter with don’t represent every police officer that is out here. Treat officers off the experience that you have with them instead of past experiences. 99 percent of officers are great people and care about their community; don’t let that 1 percent have a negative effect on you .
I hear you. As a force (and an insider in the force) do a majority of you guys feel like you want to repair the flawed image we have of you, or it really isn’t something you guys stress over collectively?
What’s the big mistake we as the public should never make when you stop us to question us?
Dont make the mistake that all of us are bad officer. There are some bad officers but not all of us.
If we feel a police officer is bullying or abusing us, what should be our appropriate response?
Call for a higher ranking official to respond whereever you are and talk to them. If you fight with the police you are going to lose. We as a people need to go about the right way to get where we want to go.
How do I call for a higher ranking officer when I am stuck in my car at 9pm with a crooked, shady and shiesty officer trying to strip me of any dignity and self worth I have as a human being?
You know we cant have this conversation without addressing the increasing deaths of black men encountering white officers. When you hear of these incidences, where does your loyalty gravitate to? To your brothers in blue, or your human brothers….and why?
Do you personally know any racist fellow brother in blue? Lets keep it real now
In your opinion as an insider, do you think the police brotherhood culture is trying to actively stand against these senseless incidents, or you guys are just giving us a public image, and behind closed doors, you’re standing with and supporting your blue brothers, regardless if they are guilty?
How prevalent is racism and corruption in the force?
If your son said he wanted to join the police force, would you support and encourage him? Why?
If we want to support or volunteer to help the police force in any way, what can we do?
Go to your local police station and ask what you can do to help.
I’m sure you have faced some pretty risky situations in your service. How will you convince an aspiring youth who wants to join the force?
Just to follow your heart and don’t let the bad experience you had change that.
Any last words of advice you have for us, Officer?


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Conversation with Joshua

Finally, we get a chance to have this conversation. How are you doing with yourself?

I'm doing great, blessed and highly favored to Gods glory

For readers who don’t know you, how would you describe who you are and what you are fervent about?

I am Joshua Adeleke Miracles, called and chosen by Jesus Christ with the commission to "go and make humanity realize their authority as gods, so as to rule over the devil, for the devil is a slave to the regenerated man." This is the commission that has been graced on me to operate in the Apostolic/Prophetic office by God, with great signs, wonders and undeniable miracles of healing via the power of the Holy Ghost confirming the preaching and deep teaching of Gods word.

Wow! That's a lot of boldness, but praise God for his grace. Did you always know you would be doing what you’re doing now?

I have always known that I was different from my peers ever since I was a child, because of the way I saw angels and the way I saw things in life from as early as one year old. However, I desired and worked towards becoming an engineer. That changed, and my divine mandate took over at the age of twelve - and I have been on that journey for 23 years now and still growing stronger

You saw angels as a child? Can you tell us  more about that?

This happened when I was 2 years old. I entered my mother's goldsmith work shop and saw a bottle of chemical she used to wash gold. I climbed on a stool, took the bottle, opened it and garbed it all up. This started eating up my internal organ and I was rushed to Sokoto teaching hospital in the northern part of Nigeria. They battled to save my life by using all known methods to heal me, but none seemed to be working. It soon became trial and error as all the doctors had giving up and concluded I was going to die. However, God miraculously healed me as I saw angels singing  "my head, my shoulder, my knee, my tole, they all belong to Jesus." this brought my instant healing and all the doctors and nurses in that hospital gave their life to Jesus Christ and started attending the church my parent were attending. 

From the moment the idea or thought was conceived in you regarding what you’re doing now, to when you actually found yourself living it out…..was it easy to transition into, or did you have to process yourself into it?

It was not easy. I felt too different from others at a point that I wanted to run from the call. However, just like prophet Jeremiah, I discovered I can't run or change my divine destiny, for it is like fire shut up in my bones.

What’s the name of your church/ministry, and what’s unique or especial about fellowshipping with you (this would be a fine time to upsell your ministry….without going overboard. Hahaha!)

Hahaha! The name of my ministry is Rain of Favour Ministries Int'l, we operate in itinerant and media. Currently, I am helping to grow my friends church when ever I am not having ministrations, conferences or crusades in or out of South Africa. The church is 2 years hold now and we have a stable membership of 150 to 185 every Sunday

So how did a young man like you, relocate to Johannesburg, and start up a church that’s thriving so quickly?

One major lesson the Holy Ghost taught me is to always get clear instructions from the headquarter on the 5W/1H questions before moving to any place of divine assignment Daddy God sends me too. The 5W/1H questions are: What, Why, Where, Who, When and How. I can explain this 5W/1H questions better in teachings and preachings as I do for ministers/leaders of churches and ministries around the world. These questions are very important because they help you have clarity of purpose in the assignment God sends any minister and the GREAT GRACE of God guaranties you heavens backing to meet people and achieve incredible results in the place you are sent to. This is my secret for winning in this 1st land of South Africa God has sent me too.   

That's very well said, Preacher man! 
Every preacher has one core message that seems to maneuver through their message. For Joseph Prince, it is Grace, for Joel Osteen, it is sharing testimonies about the goodness of God. What would you say your core message is?

For me, it is knowing one's identity and operating in one's divine authority ( Psalm 82:5-7; John 10:34-35). The commission for my life came at the early age of 14 years, after I had already started preaching at age 12. God took the needed time to prepare me for 23 years for this great mandate on my life to the world. So I say to all, 'Preparation is key and very important, before manifestation in our journey to life and ministry exploit'

How did you get the commission from God at 14?

After I turned 12, the Lord Jesus Christ always appeared to me on my birthdays. At 14 years, Jesus came to me and showed me Psalm 82:1,5-7 and John 10:34-35, then he said this words to me,"GO AND MAKE MY PEOPLE REALIZE THEIR AUTHORITY AS gods, TO RULE OVER THE devil, FOR the devil IS A SLAVE TO MAN" This is my heavenly commission backed up with the above scriptures.

You’re a published author. What books have your published, and what would you say each book’s resounding truth is?

To the glory of God, I have published three books titled:
A. OVERCOMERS MENTALITY( Wisdom for Overcoming the Pains of a Warped Self-Image)
Have you ever been haunted by your past? Do you feel like life is not worth living, because of your bad experiences? Do you feel like giving up on life for almost all have giving up on you? or that you can never attain the big dreams and promises from your childhood anymore?
Trust me, i have been there and out by God's great grace. Overcomers Mentality is the book you need to read, for it gives you
* The power to break free from the pains of your past flaws and failures.
*Helps you to see yourself the way God positively sees you.
*Show you how your perception of your image affects your relationship with God and men, and how to heal it.

B. YOU CAN DO IT. This book quotes helps you every day of the week to step out and achieve more than you could have ever achieved. it pushes out the best in you.

C. POWER TO BECOME. The bible says: " To those who believe in Him, He gave them power to become..." This is a 120 daily quote book that birth the supernatural achieving power of God in you out and empowers you to destroy the yokes and hold of every accusers against. 

Would it be safe to assume you’re working on another book in the possible nearest future?

Oh yes sir! Lots of books to be published. I already have about twenty Holy Ghost inspired book titles that will be out as heaven instructs me when to release them for the benefit of God's people

Some people have really jaw dropping testimonies of their salvation experience, while others have a regular and seamless transition. Do you have anything to share regarding your salvation experience and transition?

In humility and all glory to God, I was preached to at age 11 in the boarding school I attended and at age 12, Jesus appeared to me in a class as we all gathered to pray and called me into the ministry by wearing me a white robe and putting in my right hand a staff and in my left hand a big jingle bell, then He told me to look outside the class and I saw billions of sheep in different colours and sizes. Jesus then said to me that I would lead them all with the staff and the big bell he placed in my hands. He also said to me that as from that day on, he would honor me and do all that I say out of my mouth, for my words would be His words and I would only say what he instructs and permits me to say, for my words would always carry his power and authority to accomplish all that is desired.  He finally told me, never to be moved by what I see, hear, or feel, but only be moved by His word. That I should make all words of men secondary, but His word (the Bible and divine instruction from the Holy Ghost) the primary words that guide my life and destiny. This is the testimony of my salvation and my calling into the Apostolic/ Prophetic Healing ministry

Wow! Indeed, very extraordinary and maybe even daunting!
So if I zoom into the distant future, what would you want your renown to be of?

A global preacher called and chosen to preach the true word of God for salvation, healing the sick and raising the dead physically, financially, maritally and spiritually to God's glory alone

By the way, in the midst of being a busy preacher, you're also a lecturer. Tell me more about this. What do you lecture, and where, and how did you start this?

I lecture Mathematics, Life Sciences (physics and chemistry) and Life Orientation at a technical school called Northward Technical College (a high school for American readers). I teach Grade 12 and matric re-write students; I started this earlier this year, and it came about when a friend of mine was contacted by the school as they were in an urgent need for a math and science teacher. My friend told me about their need, and the Lord gave me the go ahead to help them out. It has been a great blessing to me and the school since I took up the offer

Any words of encouragement to share with that person dealing with issues or character flaws that just don’t seem to be aligning with who they are destined to be?

Any work God has commissioned you to carry out on earth, once you get the clarity of the 5w/1h (i.e the What, Where, When, Why, to Who and How) just go ahead and do it against all odds. Faithful is He who has called you and I,  and who also will do the work through you as He is doing it through me. God bless you.

Thanks for the chat.
Below are videos of Joshua in a TV interview

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Conversation with Goldie Reed

Thank you for agreeing to have a conversation with me. How is your ministry going, and what is it basically?

My primary ministry is evangelizing, and it is going great by God's grace.

For those who don’t know you, how do you carry out your evangelism? How is the Lord using you?

My ministry overall is reaching out, encouraging, empowering broken relationships, broken homes and communities.

I read your book, and I was like WOW. Why did you write it? What were you hoping for?

The book was written to encourage the down trodden and burden bound souls to be inspired to believe again, and LIVE. My hope or rather my expectation is for people to leave behind the grave clothes of being victimized and to take a hold of life and all that God has in CHRIST more abundantly.

I noticed you did not hold back. You poured out everything. Were you ever concerned about people judging you?

No, there will always be haters having their own opinions but often truth is hidden by the fear of rejection. But God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind (in other words...BOLDNESS)

There are some sensitive things in your book I would like to discuss. The first being drug addiction. Some people say “just say no”, and that people who cant quit are lazy. What do you say about that?

Often people who have never been through my particular set of circumstances can't easily identify with my choices at that time, but who among us hasn't had a struggle with making the right decisions in some area? No one is exempt from mistakes turning into habits, or turning into lifestyles, whether it be the woman who never had a father so she makes a lifestyle out of sleeping with men until she finds him, or the boy who was raped by his father and years later becomes a full blown christian homosexual. I guess the adage is true HURT PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE, but FREE PEOPLE, FREE PEOPLE!

“Christian homosexual” – could you explain what you mean by that. Many in the Christiancommunity would object to such a statement,as they would say being a“homosexual” and being a “Christian” are not mutually compatible

Christian homosexual is an oxymoron I use to describe the confusion left in the soul of a person reeling in sexual confusion, whose identity is askew with society and liberal Christianity's proclamation that "you can live how you want and God accepts us as we are" being their mantra of the day. It is to that train of this Generations thought that I speak

I can already see some reactions to your statement. Lol. You relapsed multiple times. Sometimes you were doing good, then you fell. How did you pick yourself up and keep going?

It is GOD who makes the crooked path straight. He put a promise in my spirit that spoke light although my heart was dark through hurt. GOD watched over me to perform his Word concerning me, so it wasn't that I picked myself back up, it was, is and will forever be His Spirit. HE doesn't know failure, the CHRIST in me CANT STAY DOWN!

But there was something YOU had to do. God is no respecter of persons. So if other Christians can't seem to work out sobriety and you can, there must be something YOU are doing that they aren't. Otherwise it would seem God favored you and not them. Or did he?

God has favored my life, the word says He will show mercy on who He will show mercy and He will show compassion on whom He will show compassion. That being said, everyone has an opportunity to accept the yoke destroying power that JESUS bled, died, and rose to give us access to appropriate. The ability to overcome is in the appropriation of the blood, The Word, and obedience to the Word. I got in the Word until the Word got into me.I have learned trials that come, test the Word I carry, and when I pass that test my obedience is fulfilled. Then and only then do I walk in freedom

Thank you for elaborating on that. What about people who tried to use your falls to judge or condemn you?

They who are without sin, go ahead throw your stones. I HEAR ALL OF MY CRITICS, I'LL ANSWER THEM NONE!

Lol! Welcome to the club of dusting off irrelevant critics/haters There are closet drug users in the pulpit, some claiming to have completely overcome miraculously yet secretly using (for example the late Zachery Tims). How would you speak on such a situation?

These situations are tough because there is a demand of the lime light that causes the participant to strive to attain an impossible standard of perfection. It is easy to be a public success but a private failure - we must therefore broken privately to stand publicly. Pastor Tims' passing is a tragedy we can all do well to learn from. My condolences to his family and I empathize with those who are silently wrestling and bleeding while leading.

You also mention in your book how you were repeatedly molested and raped. For someone reading this who is a victim, what would you say to them? You obviously survived, so there is hope. How do they experience hope and healing?

To the person who is being molested, raped and/or abused, (YOUR ARE NOT THE REASON, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT) the rest of your life can take a new turn. Seek help through a counselor, church or friend. Most of all get out of that abuse relationship, and forgive your attacker. Becoming free starts with forgiveness; staying free means forgiving and sharing our testimony to help others just like you. The word of GOD says we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony.

We don’t often address this, but what about the perpetrator? As someone who has been a victim, what would you say to someone who is a closet rapist or molester?

More often than not, hurt people hurt people. Someone who was a victim in turn becomes a victimizer. I understand the shame of being stripped of my innocence and the apathetic heart of victimizing others from my hurt. To those of you who have these closet sins (or rather closet hurts) Jesus is waiting to take your tragedy and turn it into His treasure as only He can..Jesus loves you with a loyal love. He is waiting for you to lay your heavy burdens down so He can give you a free heart and a sober uncompromising mind. Repeat this out loud: "Father forgive my sins, I lift up my shame and guilt to you, and ask you to change my heart, help me to know you as I never have. I believe you died to wash away my sins, and you rose to set me free. So by faith I ask you to set me free in Jesus name".

Amen indeed. That was powerful, and I pray readers will make this prayer right now.The third thing I want us to address is prostitution. You admit to being a street walker back in the day. Did you ever feel shame or disgust while doing it, and how were you able to continue?

Yes I felt ashamed, that lifestyle fueled my addiction. I turned how I felt off by numbing my soul, and slid deeper into my depression and hurt.

What motivated you in continuing to do it all those years?

Hurt and disappointment are a very toxic concoction.

Someone seeing you now will go WOW, because you are so anointed and motivated for the Lord, and so opposite of that person in your past. How did you go through the process to get to here?

The greater the call the greater the challenge, trials and opposition. God took me through heart breaking things that caused me to cry out to Him, and as I submitted to His will He broke mine. I grew stronger through reading His Word, praying, and applying what the word says. This gradually changed me, as my life and surroundings began to reflect my holy heart condition.

You’re happily married now. Congratulations! Do you ever get affected by your past memories of things you did?

Wounds heal and close but scars are constant reminders of past wounds. It is just as important for balance and grounding to remember where we came from as it is to testify about where God has brought me to.

Forgiving oneself can be so hard. Have you completely forgiven yourself? How do you process it?

I have forgiven myself, and yet it is not as easy to escape the distant aroma of yesterhurt!

You never gave up on hoping to be in a loving marriage. The several failures did not stop you. What would you say to someone in a broken marriage, or has given up on finding someone?

Wait on GOD! God wants us to ask Him for a mate. We must wait on HIM. I was going into my fourth year of celibacy when GOD brought my husband back to me, YES we remarried after being divorced for 10 years due to drugs and prison.

Wow! That's a miracle in itself! I'm going to segue into domestic violence. It can unfortunately prove fatal sometimes. As someone who understands the fear and paralysis that keeps victims bound, what words do you have for someone who has been slapped or beaten by her partner?

Let me be clear I DO NOT condone domestic violence! It is unhealthy staying in that environment. Much prayer is needed to discern right actions to take, such as christian marital/couple counseling or departure. No one answer is the be all end all to domestic violence response.

We know domestic abuse does not have to be physical only. It could be verbal or emotional. When does one know they are being abused, and when should they leave?

Warning comes before destruction. Everyone can feel emotional words that sting mentally. I have left a relationship at the first glimpse of name calling. While I don't suggest you (the reader) to take my response as their best answer, I do suggest counseling and prayer to discern right decision.

How can a person leave if they have no income or resources? How did YOU come up with a plan to leave in the face of fear and a lack of resources?

I was fed up and just left, I caught the bus to another city and looked for a shelter and progressed from there. If they have no income they can search for a battered women shelter in their city.

When you look back at your journey – the dysfunction, the pain, the failures – what is the story or purpose or lesson you draw from it?

We grow from faith to faith to glory to glory, my glory is just getting started.

Hallelujah!!! Your life is a clear evidence that God is able to make something beautiful out of brokenness and failure. Can you share some words of encouragement for someone who has surrendered to the mess and chaos in their life?

There is hope, no matter how pathetic your situation is. After being molested, beaten, a drug addict prostitute/user for at least 5 to 7 years of my life, God saved me and uses me to testify on what He has delivered me from and how far He has bought me. I am living proof that God has not abandoned you. I encourage you to seek God until He reigns righteousness on you.

Any final words for our readers?

Dear reader, God specializes in turning chaos into crafted treasures. Christ died for your sins but rose for your salvation, I pray that you will be encouraged by me sharing my past hurt, addiction and transformation....Know that I am praying for you and I encourage you to step out on faith and let God give you freedom...God Bless

How can people connect with you if they have questions for you, or need to ask or share something with you?
I fellowship with Victory Outreach. My ministry name is SAY NO YO COMMUNITY OUTREACH (contact me on how to join or support on Facebook or Twitter)

Thank you having a Conversation with me

Thank you for the opportunity to share my heart. And thanks to my friends, family and critics. It is my hope you will take the God of my testimony and make Him KING in your heart. Thank you be Blessed